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  • Integrated Management Systems Certifications

This is important step in recognizing the competence of the organization in honoring commitments.

The certificates show that the Integrated Management System, OHSAS Environment Quality of our company has been audited and certified properly on the reference of the set.

Certificate-9001-2008 engCertificate-14001-2004 engCertificate-18001-2007 eng

Our responsibility is to ensure that our actions are aimed to increase our customer and business partners satisfaction, to reduce consumption of resources, in order to protect the environment by preventing pollution and by promoting a safe and healthy working environment, so we can remove any work accidents and occupational diseases. To achieve these principles we have implemented, we will maintain and continuously improve the integrated management system in accordance with applicable reference documents: SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.


  • WEEELABEX - WEEE label of Excellence 
Greenweee International has become the first operator in Romania to receive the WEEELABEX type 1 and type 2 certificate for the responsible processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The company provides treatment operations at the highest standards and is the only unit in Romania and one of the few in Europe with the operating under WEEEBALEX license, for the large domestic equipment, small household appliances, cathode ray tubes and CFA workflows.

WEEELABEX (WEEE label of excellence) is a landmark European certification that sets standards and closely monitors the recycling and disposal of WEEE, which also includes the auditing of all organizational processes and management.  

You can find the Certificate here.
  • WEEELABEX trial audit Attestation

Greenweee International is the first plant in Europe to be handed out an attestation under the pilot WEEELABEX trial audit.

Read more informations here.

  • The Private Service for Emergency Situations

The Private Service for Emergency Situations (hereinafter referred to as PSES) is a specialized unit, with specific equipment designed to perform prevention activities, to monitor and manage emergency situations in thearea of expertise, providing expert coordination of the activities of civil protection and actions involving defense against fire.

The Greenweee’s PSES operational structure has responsibilities regarding the protection of employees’ life and property against fire and manages emergency situations. The PSES engagement is to aid people in danger in case of accidents or disasters.

PSES has attribution of prevention risks of emergency situations, offering guidance and control activities, being able to limit or eliminate the consequences of emergency situations and to help and rescue people and material assets in case of disasters in cooperation with other competent special units.