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Tackling fires caused by Lithium Ion Batteries in WEEE – Report 13 July 2021

WEEE Forum, EuRIC, EERA, EUCOBAT, MWE and the WEEELABEX Organisation join forces to counter the occurrence of fires caused by lithium batteries and e-waste containing lithium batteries. The report  “Recommendations for tackling fires caused by lithium batteries in WEEE”,  presents a set of recommendations and good practices aimed at countering the occurrence of fire incidents […]

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150 000 pieces of LCD, plasma and LED were recycled in the first year of activity of only Flat Panel recycling line in CEE Europe 19 May 2021

GreenWEEE is the first company in Central- East Europe to have established a fully dedicated flat panel display recycling line at its plant in Buzau city, Romania, after finalizing an investment of 0,5 mil EUR. The fully dedicated flat panel display (LCD, plasma and LED) recycling line, has a treatment capacity of 2500 tons/ year […]

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Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment saves natural resources 22 March 2021

From the beginning of its activity, by recycling TV monitors only, GreenWEEE saved 122 million liters of drinking water. The same amount of water was used by 1,630,000 people to take a shower over the course of a week. “In our efforts to have a nature-friendly behavior, the immediate solutions that first comes to our […]

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Follow-up information regarding the fire incident from January 19, 2021 21 January 2021

Please receive follow-up information regarding the fire incident from yesterday, January 19, 2021, on the storage platform used by Green WEEE, near Buzau. The fire started on the platform where industrial waste refrigerators carcasses were stored, while the storing activity was in compliance with all the legal procedures in place. The probable cause of the […]

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