Behind our sustainability projects are dedicated people to whom we promise care, respect and opportunities for advancement.
If you want to actively participate in the development of a circular economy and learn how waste is recovered, directly from the production line, GreenWEEE is the place you are looking for.
We are waiting for you in the GreenWEEE International team!
We are the industry leader in our domain, we value the people we work with and we take pride in the innovation, quality and services we bring to the market.
Together we will help manage the collection and recycling processes and create a sustainable route for all WEEE that reaches our factories.
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To the attention of the Human Resources Department, and we will contact you with all the details.
Once your application is in our database, it can be selected for new recruitment processes, taking into account your choice of area or opening, as well as your profile and the number of available spots. The selected applications are analyzed and the candidates that meet the recruitment criteria will be invited for a first interview.