Data found on IT devices – HDDs, SSDs, must be properly managed to ensure that company information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Hard disk destruction services are costly both financially and environmentally, and uncertified erasure significantly increases the risk of data breaches.
We understand the challenges of managing storage units, which is why we prioritize data security and brand protection, offering a unique option for (mass) data destruction.

Data Destruction

  • Our data destruction services guarantee the erasure of all data through secure and responsible methods, either on-site or remotely, while providing valuable services such as asset serialization, monitoring of the deletion process, and a secure audit report.
  • We offer the highest level of transparency with real-time visibility and tracking of storage media through reports and a service management portal.
  • We destroy data from any HDD or SDD containing data.
  • icon_stergere_hard Wiping - Hard disk data wiping
    Our certified data erasure software works at scale, wiping data from IT assets. We follow NIST/DoD standards when erasing hard disks, ensuring a secure process with certification. Permanent data erasure goes beyond basic file deletion commands, which only remove direct pointers to actual files. In practice, data is completely and irreversibly wiped from storage devices. It supports all HDD manufacturers and products. It simultaneously supports SAS and SATA (on the same tester).
  • icon_stergere_reparare_hard Wiping and repairing
    The software performs testing and can repair hard disks. A repaired hard disk allows you remarketing without the risk of data protection law violations.
  • icon_reciclare_hard Recycling of the units
    When hard disk destruction is requested, we also provide hard disk recycling services. Certificates/reports of data erasure/treatment/destruction are available on demand for both erased and destroyed units.
Eliminate risks and regain control over your company’s resources!
  • Icon Vazut0Manage data security issues by erasing sensitive or restricted data
    Unlike demagnetization or physical destruction, which renders the disk unusable, data erasure removes all information, leaving the disk operable where necessary.
  • Icon Vazut1Secure Audit Trail
    The data security protocol is 100% secure; customer data is never read, and there is secure reporting.
  • Icon Vazut2Brand protection
    When it comes to IT equipment disposal, it's important to collaborate with a trustworthy company that follows best practices for data destruction and responsible equipment disposal. We provide complete transparency and issue Certificates of Erasure or Destruction.
  • Icon Vazut3Be a Sustainable Company
    We want to help you meet your environmental responsibility goals. We guarantee that all old equipment is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This involves recycling to the highest standards and reintroducing recycled components back into the economy, such as aluminum, iron, and plastic.
About NIST and DoD
All data erasure, repair, or destruction procedures are certified and accompanied by detailed reports, date-stamped certificates, series, and algorithms, compliant with NIST800-88-r1 or DoD 5220.22-M data erasure standards upon request. Certain sectors require a higher level of data security, for which we offer physical destruction methods, software-based methods, or both, either on-site or at our secure facility, with a complete custody chain, including secure transport, safety boxes, and optional video verification of data destruction according to certified procedures. GreenWEEE maintains strict security controls and protocols, including physical security through video surveillance, card access to secure areas, and motion detectors, regardless of the level of data destruction services ordered. Moreover, specific processes can be defined for customers, as needed, to meet each client's unique requirements.