From electrical and electronic waste to cables or batteries, we offer you the right management solution for each.
GreenWEEE collects and recycles all WEEE mentioned in the legislation, including batteries and accumulators.
Whether you own small or larger quantities of electrical or electronic waste, we make sure you comply with the law and help you find the right solution for recycling.
Call +4 0740 318 633 in order to discuss transport and logistics.

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    We offer solutions for collecting any type of WEEE, no matter the quantity;
    We offer advice on the WEEE management order, including the area of application, obligations and general provisions;
    We work with unique reporting schemes and WEEE reports, that are adapted to WEEE generators, as well as for different conformity systems;
    We offer documents to certify that the recycling of your waste has been done in an environmentally safe way and protecting your data;
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    GreenWEEE transforms waste into resources
    We offer our clients transparent transport services, in accordance with the current regulations and personalized to suit their needs.
    Which are our collection centers?
    Our collection centers are located in strategic points of the country, which allows us to immediately pick up the waste electric and electronic equipment.
    Parc Industrial Frasinu, Com. Țintești, Buzău
    Tel. +4 0740 318 633
    Fax. +4 0338 100.604
    Câmpul Liniștii, no. 1, Arad
    Tel. +4 0756 164218
    145, Laminoriştilor Câmpia Turzii, Cluj County
    Tel. +4 0364 882 808
    Fax. +4 0364 882 808