Follow-up information regarding the fire incident from January 19, 2021

Please receive follow-up information regarding the fire incident from yesterday, January 19, 2021, on the storage platform used by Green WEEE, near Buzau.

The fire started on the platform where industrial waste refrigerators carcasses were stored, while the storing activity was in compliance with all the legal procedures in place.

The probable cause of the fire was a mechanical spark resulted from operating a waste machinery there. Next to the official investigation by the local authorities, we are also conducting an internal investigation to understand the exact context and causes of the incident, in order to take all required measures so as to prevent the occurence of such events in the future.

As the fire broke, all safety procedures were followed thoroughly and none of the persons that were present at the site was in no way harmed. As result of the fire, approximately 300 tons of refrigerators carcasses were damaged, spread on 6000 sqm.

We are grateful to all emergency squads that were present at the site, acting promptly and with due responsibilty to stop the fire, as well as to those getting involved and lending a hand in this situation. We will do all that is necessary to prevent such events in the future.

At the moment, the investigations by the Emergency Authority and National Environmental Protection Agency are finalized. We are currently collaborating and offering our full support to the Environmental Guard and Territorial Labour Inspectorate to conduct their investigations.