Buzau – Circular City

Green Group, together with The “Ernest Lupan” Institute for Circular and Environmental Economics Research, with the support of Buzau City Hall and Coalition for Circular Economy launched on 16 May 2019 the innovative platform called CIRCULAR BUZAU.

Circular economy means minimizing waste and pollution by reducing CONSUMPTION, WASTE recycling and reusing of MATERIALS, and CIRCULAR BUZAU platform sets the foundation for creating the first circular city in Romania.

At the conference held in Buzău under the name "SCALING OF CIRCULATION ECONOMY FOR WASTE RESOURCES MANAGEMENT", we identified areas in Buzau city that can make a significant and tangible step in achieving a circular economy. Thus, the Buzau Circular program will focus on the four main pillars: Products / Consumption - Waste / Consumption of resources - Sustainable construction - Transport / Mobility.

The project highlights a vision for the future of the city, an action plan to stimulate innovation, reduce waste, increase product lifecycle through repairs and reuse, maximize recycling and eliminate waste disposal to the landfill.  Implementing the principles of the cyclical economy will diminish the effects of the global resource crunch and world economies will be able to continue developing without consuming additional material resources.

During this event, the following topics were approached:

  • Consumer trends: how will evolve the expectations regarding the material that is used in the production process, as well as methods for reducing the resources over the next 10 years,
  • Extended product lifecycle, especially from the manufacturing stage (eco-design, preventive waste prevention, recycling etc.)
  • Combating climate change in the recycling sector and using waste as sustainable resources - examples of good practice,
  • Effective measurement, management and reporting of waste, recovered and recycled materials,
  • Extended producer responsibility.

Through the expertise that each guest has brought it to the event, we have identified solutions that will help us to shape a strategy for 2030, anchored to Romanian needs and requirements. Scaling up the circular economy for the management of waste resources is part of Buzau's strategy in order to achieve the objective of " Buzau-national center of circular economy ".