The smart collection stations, SIGUREC, released for the first time in Bucharest

Green Group in collaboration with Carrefour Romania inaugurated the first two intelligent waste disposal stations in Bucharest. The stations are located in the parking of Carrefour Baneasa and Vitantis, where the people have the chance to bring up to ten types of recyclable waste.

These actions are part of the voluntary agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Green Group, Ecopaper Zarnesti SA, Romcarbon SA and the Association of Commercial Grids Romania (AMRCR), and are intended to facilitate the collection and recycling of consumer waste and reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

Another novelty is that those who collect smartly through SIGUREC systems will be rewarded with shopping vouchers valid in Carrefour Baneasa and Vitantis. For example, for a refrigerator, consumers will receive a coupon up to 80 RON, depending on weight. The value of one PET is 5 bani, one aluminum can worth 3 bani, a kg of paper or paperboard 11 bani and one glass bottle 1 bani. All recycled materials brought by consumers have the guarantee of secured recycling within the factories in Romania.

The action is part of a larger project initiated in Buzau in 2013. Since the implementation of the project we collected over 450.000 kg of PET bottles and aluminum cans and about 500 tons of electrical waste and electronic equipment. We are expecting to collect about 12 tons of PET bottles, 10 tons of glass bottles, 100 tons of electrical and electronic equipment and 200 tons of paper in the first 6 months of operation

Constantin Damov, Co -founder of Green Group.

The fight against pollution and waste of natural resources is part of Carrefour’s commitment to sustainable development in Romania. We are pleased that together with Green Group we are offering Romanians the opportunity to fight with us towards accomplishing our common goal to protect the environment and to create nature-friendly consumption habits

Andreea Mihai , Marketing Director of Carrefour Romania

The smart collection containers SIGUREC will be placed across Carrefour Romania network, covering the most important cities in Romania.