GreenWEEE opens the second plant in Campia Turzii, Cluj and modernize and enlarge the capacity existing at Buzau


GreenWEEE International invests 8,5 million EUR to open a new plant in Campia Turzii, Cluj county, for the recycling of electrical and electronic waste, and to modernize and enlarge the capacity existing at Buzau.

Market leader in the industry of WEEE recycling, the company continues its growth strategy by opening the second plant for the recycling of electrical and electronic waste and will modernize the production lines existing at Buzau, thus doubling its capacity to 100,000 tons per year.

Founded in Buzau in 2009 and part of Green Group, the company  invests 3,5 million EUR in the second factory for treating waste electrical and electronic equipment, in Campia Turzii, Cluj county. At the same time, following an investment of 5 million EUR, the plant based in Buzau will benefit in the first half of 2018 an upgrading and increasing of producing capacity and will purchase the first recycling equipment for LCD screen in Romania.

According to the timeline, the new plant is aimed to begin in the second half of 2017 and will employ the most advanced technologies and processes for refrigerators, washing machines, IT&C equipment and other electrical and electronic equipment. The plant will have permanent activity, and in the next three years will create about 80 jobs.

Marius Costache, Executive General Manager: „In a continously growing market of electronics, the current investment was a necessary step to increase the production capacity in direct proportion to the quantities put on the market and for the aquisition of new processing lines. At this moment, GreenWEEE has the capacity to recycle the whole WEEE quantity that Romania must fulfill as a collecting target, according to OUG 5/2015, following the transposition of Directive 2012/19 / EU.

"At the same time, modernizing older installations, consisting of the separation of the processing lines and their automation, we are increasing the productivity and the energy efficiency of equipment utilized, with a positive impact on the environment," he continued.

The plant receives for recycling refrigeration equipment and air conditioning, small appliances, electric tools, telecommunications equipment and batteries. The WEEE is collected from the local market, by the authorized economic operators to take over responsibility of the manufacturer, or through contracts with major manufacturers and electronics retailers. To support the current collection system and to encourage the collection directly from the population, ensuring that all waste goes directly to the recycling factories, the company invested in its own infrastructure for waste collection, the project called SIGUREC. Today, in Romania there are 161 voluntary reverse vending SIGUREC stations, fixed and mobile, where all types of electronic equipment can be recycled.

WEEE are made up from different materials and are containing hazardous substances, some of them never decomposing and remain in landfill for thousands of years. The biggest risks to health and environment derives from the wrong way waste is managed after completing their life cycle. After being processed into the the plant, the pollutants are removed in a controlled environment and the recyclable materials are introduced into the economic, into new products.

GreenWEEE provides treatment operations at the highest standards and is the only unit in Romania and one of the few in Europe with the operating under WEEEBALEX license, for the large domestic equipment, small household appliances, cathode ray tubes and CFA workflows.WEEELABEX is a landmark European certification that sets standards and closely monitors the processing and disposal of WEEE. WEEELABEX certification ensures that all waste electrical and electronic equipment arriving in GreenWEEE is processed in accordance with legal requirements.

GreenWEEE is member of the biggest integrated recycling park in Romania, Green Group, present on the market for 15 years. Companies member of Green Group: GreenTech ( the biggest European PET waste recycler), GreenFiber International (european lelader for PSF production), GreenLamp Reciclare (the only Romanian plant for lighting equipment recycling), GreenGlass Recycling (the biggest and modern glass recycling plant in Romania), Total Waste Management (integrated provider of waste management services and collection operator for SIGUREC project).